Finally, in my backyard. Been to San Diego (92), New Zealand (00) and San Francisco (13). Too bad it is just a weekend; and of course, in the Windy City, where the only thing that blows are politicians, it will be a crap shoot if there is good foiling wind or not. At that time of season and the weather pattern for the last 5+ years, it is probably 50/50 SE at 13 knots. But 18-20 out of the N-NE and then move the course outside of the breakwall and that would be really cool.

Here nor there, it's nice to have a opportunity to watch without a cut-up highlight show that makes you wonder what the hell happened in the 5-10 minutes they keep cutting out. Nothing like cramming four races into 40-42 minutes of coverage. Could they have had any more commercials?