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Oh boy, I missed the actual start, but saw the bottom half of leg 2. Interesting that both Draper and Nathan were saying that following was a huge mistake (even before it happened). They both would have double-gybed and split at the bottom.

NZL looking slightly faster upwind, covering tighter, now blowing it open by covering more loosely.


Well, truthfully, I thought Oracle sailed that correctly. Even when they did split, after rounding the same gate mark behind NZ, they picked the right spot and tacked right into a lift and it looked like they they made the right move...but that lift was short lived and they ended up in a header on the wrong side of the course AND with less pressure. It is not easy sailing these faster than wind boats in light and puffy stuff. I thought Burling and Ashby were doing a really terrific job of managing risk today.

Jake Kohl