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NBC totally sucks. We're forced to listen to old-school commentators opining about their Glory days when 0.1 knot of boatspeed mattered. I have tons of respect for Kenny and Cayard, but they're being put into a position where they can only lose.

How about never comparing races in these boats to anything prior, ever again? That would be a good start.


I'm just happy to get some coverage.... Usually the foil and onboard noises are so loud I can't really hear the commentators anyway...

I was very annoyed when I wrote that. I agree, the video has been spectacular!

In the last cycle, we had to listen to Jobson with this nonsense. I thought Kenny stayed out of that, but maybe that's just what I choose to remember?

In any event, you can tell that Kenny is frustrated with the lack of technical information being shared with him, leaving him little to draw upon when calling the live action. He just needs to stop saying things like "This crazy version of the America's Cup..." because it just makes him look WAY out of touch (and I know that he isn't).

I don't know why Kenny wasn't making the calls yesterday (although I thought I heard his voice during the post-race onboard interviews). But, having Campbell there was awesome. We finally got to hear from someone with actual knowledge and experience on these current boats. It would be great if they could get Nathan or Dean to sit in during the finals!