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I'm pretty aware of the dock space in Bermuda, having been on the grounds of the team bases several times. I just find it hard to believe they, the defenders, don't have a second boat but I'm also likely to be wrong this cup cycle. I'm willing to bet they have everything for a second boat in the shed, it just might not be fully assembled.

The defenders had plenty of practice race opportunities on the great sound before the competition began. To say they had no real racing opportunity prior to the start of the real competition is a falsehood. They didn't need to sail in the Louis Vutton series to learn what they already knew going in or watching from afar like every other defender, including themselves, have done in the past 166 years of cup tradition. They sailed in it to take a 1 point lead in the AC finals. Not particularly fair if you ask me, but the AC has never been about fairness.

I do agree the race footage, when you can get it, has been spectacular!

FYI, even team on team testing before the actual event was extremely limited by the rules

Jake Kohl