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The Ideal America's Cup

I think Jobson really misses the mark in this article. Trickle down is far from dead and while I'm pretty miffed at not being able to see the current series easily it's hard to deny the foiling madness the last America's Cup ignited in the world of multihulls.

The problem, in my opinion, is all about the money. (isn't it always?). When you have some campaigns with a limitless pile of cash against other teams that spend as much time trying to find sponsorship as they do running their team, the result is always going to be skewed and boring to watch.

Slightly nasally voice????

I agree with very few of his points. Having the gall to compare himself to Cronkite, and in the same breath use Cronkite's image to disparage the event that put him (Jobson) on the map and continues to afford him a career, is simply astounding.

He was way over his head during the live broadcasts in SF. Have the decency to stay in the booth and give the intros and outtros. Leave the sailing coverage for people who are current.