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There is certainly something about the hydraulic systems that disconnects the sailors from direct motion on the boats that bothers me. .

But wait, aren't canting keels hydraulic? And how about some of the rudder control systems?

I suspect we're all pontificating about where we want the technology to stop... Should we go back to square rigs and hemp rope, or all the way forward to the solarCup?

Should track/running events go back to dirt roads and no starting blocks (a la "Chariots of Fire")? Or keep the rubber track and other enhancements?

The best sailors can adapt to any technology, platform, etc. and put it to best use. Whether it's using a wet finger held upright or a "follow the dot" screen.

The AC is a big to-do about a trophy. It's not really a cutting edge design competition (perhaps it should?). As pointed out in SA, not all of the technology displayed in past AC matches was truly beyond what may have already existed in sailing (even C-class has been using foils for years)..

If the AC series goal is to make this event marketable, then they have to do something outlandish to draw eyeballs (foiling in this case). If they want lots of competition, they have to make it cost-effective (box-rule or even OD).

Maybe the DOG should angle more toward a design competition rather than a glorified match race. Set up the venue, dates, course (W/L or otherwise) and event (Fleet/Match, series/races) and let them show up with whatever. Exclude any non-human sourced energy (or even stored energy if you so desire)

It's already a billionaire's game... The wining design would obviously have some potential revenue from sale of the technology.... probably easier and more quantifiable than marketing revenue.