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I honestly unsubscribed from my first Youtube subscribed channel ever yesterday with TheAmericasCup. The drivel they are posting is worthless. I'm baffled why they wouldn't even post week old or months old racing? The "highlights" are about 1 minute 40 seconds of music and quick shots of the grounds and people and about 20 seconds of racing team centric stuff that has nothing to do with boating. Hell, one of them I watched yesterday, hoping to see some racing, showed some team new zealand guys playing rugby inside one of their tents. Whatever they are doing with the available media for this event here in the US is absolutely awful. It's so bad that it must be intentional.

Agree 100%. I questioned them on their coverage intent on numerous of their FB posts, to no avail. The move to Bermuda was bad for the U.S., but the coverage, so far, is like they are trying to piss off their North American viewers...and it's working. This (AC45) is supposed to be the bait, and their screwing it up.

"I said, now, I said ,pay attention boy!"

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