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AC starts in about 2 months.

Has there been any announcement as to TV or Internet presentation of the upcoming Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers in May or the final Cup races in June? AC website says NBC will show it but they said that about ACWS but it never happened.

NBSSN (NBS Sports Network) had the rights to the ACWS and buried it. They filmed it all but only broadcast a 30 minute review of each regatta. I've found complete recordings of New York and Chicago but they were not shown live.

I wrote to NBC and NBCSN, and received no answer.

David, you have to read a little between the lines to see what happened there. NBC agreed to broadcast the events in the initial press release "with financial assistance from sponsors that were lining up" (I paraphrase. The problem happened when the sponsors didn't show up - NBC has the rights and none of the money needed to broadcast. Since they're running as a business and not a charity, they can't just allow the broadcasts to find their way to US distribution through Youtube...so, we're stuck...we get crappy chopped up broadcast of the events and are mostly blacked out online. I hope this was happening so they could save the funds that they DID have to broadcast the real event...fingers crossed.

Jake Kohl