"Well it is Sailing Anarchy"

Once again... the core question... Does Clean add anything to the conversation?

I like heterodox points of view.... so I like reading his perspective... He can ask some good questions.

Should he and SA been denied a press pass
No way.... I find it hard to believe that oracle would have denied press credentials. but who knows.

Now... should any cash have gone SA's way to cover the event.... No... That is the thing about independent journalism.... you have to pay your own way.

(That is not the same as denying him credentials.)

Should he been on a press boat on the water? Not his style... but he and SA should have the same opportunity as any other organization.

I often think Clean and SA want to be press agents with great stipends... and not reporters for some e publication. nice work if you can get it.... but it's very hard to imagine Clean fitting into the corporate marketing program tho.

Interesting to contrast Clean's role with Rick White's role covering the Worrell/Tybee distance races. I have NO IDEA what the financing was... so... You you read them for entertainment purposes