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I don't know about you guys but I find the penalty system very confusing.
It's not always clear when a penalty will be cleared, it's just too complicated for the average viewer IMO.

It's clearly too confusing for the guys on the boats too - I felt the rage with Iain Percy...I would have been dropping even a few more f-bombs. Having to slow down relative to the other boat is a real flaw in that penalty system in my opinion. Assuming that Barker noticed that Artemis had a penalty it gives him the opportunity to just let off the gas until Artemis slows down even MORE and Artemis has a real problem clearing the penalty. Artemis has to slow down to be two boat lengths further behind the other boat than she was when she earned the penalty. Artemis got a second penalty because of the way they judged their late turn once they sailed out of the boundary (although it looked clear that they were having some real difficulty and that it probably was not a tactical maneuver). Artemis then did drop their hulls down to the water for a good portion of that downwind leg trying to clear the penalty but Barker also slowed way down - it might have even been a tactical move to set Artemis up for an additional compounding penalty. Who knows if Artemis could even see Barker slow down - all they knew was that their penalty wouldn't clear. As I understand it at that point, if they don't clear the penalty when they round the next mark, they get ANOTHER penalty...so they just kept stacking up for Artemis and all they knew was that the f'in blue light wouldn't go off.

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