[quote=Will_R] Like Outterideg, he's also been the Moth world champion; those boats are more like a cat than a mono.
/quote]I think you're right about the fact that the best sailors can normally pick up skills like apparent wind sailing. It's also arguable that the common implication that there is "apparent wind sailing" and "the other sailing" is overdone. Even in Lasers people like Tom and Ben are working wind pressure a lot, even when they are just playing around in big breeze. Tom is also a keen windsurfer so he's used to going downwind faster than most cats a fair amount of the time.

Although my experience in foilers is very limited it's hard to agree that Moths are closer to cats than they are to fast monos. How many cats fall over instantly if you're not actively sailing them? How many cats heel to windward? How many fast cats have that sort of mast bend, massive vang tension, and no mast rotation? How many fast cats are sailed when hiking and with that level of mainsheet input?

The foiling Moth feels closer to a foiling Laser or International Canoe than it does to a cat, from my very limited experience.

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