Well predicting the future is always dicey...I am not so sure how much market penetration foiling will experience. I am not sold on the foiling laser for instance (grin).... Better does not mean popular... for example....I would have predicted that carbon masts, (Nacra 20, Tornado, A cats monohulls proved the point.., AND would have become the defacto standard on modern performance beach cats over the last 10 years... yet. alu wing masts replaced alu teardrop masts on F18s and F16s.

You can go racing on anything that gets a loyal group of fans... See Hobie Waves.... Hell, I saw an Aquacat fleet in MD about 5 years ago going racing (well sort of racing). It seems to be difficult to build a performance fleet in any small sail boat.... The A class proved that foiling was possible under their rules 5 years ago... yet half the boats remain floating and the Class is running a survey in 2016 about what to do with the cat and dog issue at championship events. Just ask RSX how that goes in the states for adults... or the 29ner in the states for juniors its been 15 years for the 29ners... So... just because boats fly does not mean that a strong class will emerge and thus be "normal sailing boats". (I bet that more new Hobie 16s are purchased by unique owners then Nacra 17s in North America... just like waverunners eclipse jet ski's. being more challenging does not mean popularity)

In 2016... I bet more people have seen the Flying Cup boats and Flying Kite boards, likely on TV.... Both look alien. One is unobtanium and the other is a cool toy. My buddy is on the build list for a Waszp.....because its a cheap cool toy for the handful of times the breeze is up... the UFO could fill the less athletic/limber niche.... but still a single purpose toy. If these two boats remain at the "cool toy" level of interest... 10 years down the road... flying boats will still be pretty rare on the water and still "alien and mostly found on TV... not your local pond OR at any of the major boat shows.