I agree with everyone else, what is happening is simply a shame.

The opportunities lost are immeasurable. Being from New England, I'm a lifetime AC fan, and when they went to Multi-hulls for the 34th Cup I was all in. I had just decided to get into sailing the year before when I bought my first Hobie 16. I made my vacation plans so I could go to the ACWS in Newport and was there to watch from the fort the entire weekend. What I thought was great, was the Demonstration event that the F18 boats put on in front of the crowed both days. It was great to watch them go at it and warm up the crowd. I could not wait to get racing myself!!!

When I found out the US Multi-Hull Championship for the Alter Trophy was going to be raced on Hobie 16s and in front of the AC Crowd in San Fransisco, I was going no matter what. What an opportunity of a lifetime.

Few will ever have this experience:

[Linked Image]

After the 34th was over I was excited for what could be next, only to be disappointed time and again. What a shame it is that the 35th cup is not even in the US, and not being used as a springboard to get more Americans into sailing.

Then to find out you cold not even watch the ACWS live, inconceivable.

2014 Hobie 16
1995 Hobie 16