Mark, I don't know what you mean by referring to the UFO as a single purpose toy. It is more versatile than most little boats as it can do anything they can do AND foil when the wind comes up a bit. Jay, the UFO is only 9' long. At Foiling week I tried the Stunt 9 or S9 which IS 14' long. It features two Moth like main T foils but at $22K I decided that you may as well pay another $3K and get an Exploder A Class cat. The UFO is designed specifically to make foiling as easy as possible for the sailor. That means the minimum in size and weight to handle for a sailor up to 180 pounds. It means being able to raise the foils in the boat so that it can be easily cat traxed in and out of the water or even pulled up on a beach or a ramp like a standard beach cat (although this is a tunnel-hulled dinghy). It can be easily car topped and set-up is quick and easy. They are aiming for a $9K price which is a lot for a little boat but cheap for a foiler. It would be a great replacement for the thousands of old, worn out Lasers and Sunfishes across the land - the foiling ability is just the exciting "but wait, there's more"!