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Game over for GBR.

Unbelievable third race between SWE and JPN, SWE forces a penalty at the last windward gate, and sweeps the day! Barker looking pretty dejected after that.


Really close racing. That port/starboard overlap situation at the mark was terrifying at those speeds, both boats could have been destroyed.

I think watching that replay may convince some people (that matter) that some new rules are needed for foiling sailboats.

At first blush, I was surprised that Japan got the penalty there. Artemis looked like they turned really wide for the mark...Japan had to sail outside the two boat length zone to avoid the collision and I thought they gave Artemis just enough room (not a ton mind you - but it looked like they had enough). I'll have to re-watch and digest again. Again, like the other zone situation that Artemis was in last week, Japan would have been better served just to sail around the mark and stay outside the zone (keeping it straight up port/starboard). They would have passed Artemis as they slowed in the tack and been gone.

Totally agree Damon, these mark rounding (and penalty serving) rules need some tweaking for these boat speeds and handling capabilities....and I think the judges need some practice somehow too. I can't imagine having to make those snap decisions on all the new situations that are presenting themselves at these speeds.

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