I know that NO ONE is happy about this (except maybe NZL). TV or otherwise, I think it's inexcusable not to be able to correct such an error. Yes, this was close, but suppose the umpires mess up something even more obvious? May not seem possible, but we're all human.

This reminds me of the MLB umpire that screwed a pitcher out of a no-hitter a few years ago. He knew he blew the call, but no one could fix Humpty Dumpty at the time. I believe that the replay rules have fixed that, and rightly so.

No one (including umpires) wants their career to end over a mistake (which should be fixable).


PS/EDIT: I do fully agree that they should be using a zone of at least four lengths. Wouldn't work for us mere mortals, but they're doing everything with GPS, so it wouldn't be a problem for the boats or umps.

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