I loved the comeback, from being down 8-1 last time, but I'm no fan of Larry. I wish he had laid down his ego just enough to have this AC in SFO again instead of BDA. SFO is a perfect spot for lots of reasons; wind, spectators, accessibility, etc. Bermuda?? Nobody is going to go, or even watch it on TV, hell, half of the US citizens couldn't find Bermuda on a map! Out of sight, out of mind. Thanks Larry, you tool.

I've always loved the Kiwi's sailing expertise, going back to Peter Blake and his red sox, but I do not like Emirates sponsoring them now (are there no Emiraties who know how to sail?), and trying to take over the world with our gas money.

Wouldn't it be nice if the original rules were still in tact, and each country had to provide a boat, sailors, and venue, domestically?

Blade F16