Back to Jake's discussion, I would almost think that Ashby controls a lot more than the mainsail...

I'd even venture a guess that they could have some software that automates many of the foil controls or settings during maneuvers (possibly tied to wheel position, as you see Burling yank that thing hard over).

Think about all the stuff you have to adjust:
- Main Foil draft profile (fore and aft pieces)
- Main sheet
- Jib clew
- Jib sheet
- possibly jib luff tension
- Daggarboard foils (height, AOA, etc)
- Rudder elevator

And only one (possibly two) folks doing all that at the same time they run across the trampoline?

I really like the Kiwi Biker Gang for their total out-of-box thinking on this boat design.

I think Nathan said it right at one point. From his description, NZL was one of the last teams to show up in Bermuda. This kept them away from the other team's development which may have been an advantage as those Bermuda teams were all working designs against each other. This lead development more closely together in terms of performance.

Having NZL show up late was a huge gamble, but seems to be very effective in lighter airs.

And I still think SWE was blazing fast compared to the other boats. Too bad consistency was their downfall. Probably their tradeoff for that speed (too hard to maintain or duplicate)...

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