Very entertaining presser! Not much in terms of technical info on the boat changes (who really expected that?), but lots of insight into the psyche on Oracle.

Listening to their comments on the dial-down penalty, and watching it again, it certainly could have gone either way and maybe green would have been a better call. Either boat could have been penalyzed, with more focus on port, so I understand the penalty call going against USA. Jimmy certainly thinks NZL got away with another one.

Burling just needs to lose. I really don't like his attitude. Saying that he wants to keep the regatta out of the hands of the umpires doesn't gel with constantly pushing that button. That, and every time something shows his team as slow (being passed or losing), he reverts to claiming that the boat is still suffering from the pitchpole three weeks ago. I just can't respect that attitude. It's akin to Ainsle whining about being a new team and being too far behind in development.