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I agree with very few of his points. Having the gall to compare himself to Cronkite, and in the same breath use Cronkite's image to disparage the event that put him (Jobson) on the map and continues to afford him a career, is simply astounding.

He was way over his head during the live broadcasts in SF. Have the decency to stay in the booth and give the intros and outtros. Leave the sailing coverage for people who are current.


I agree, Gary is a tool.

GJ was making some correct calls by the end of ac34. Unfortunately he talks like a 6th grader reading a report to the class. The extreme sailing series has a woman with a nice English accent as a co-anchor. Seems like a no brainer, but the ac guys haven't figured that one out yet.

Why isn't there a thread about the little cup? It's in September.