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NBC is dialing up for Ted Turner's special. Interesting choice.


I thought this was pretty interesting
the most interesting part was hearing about North and Doyle screwing over turner and not willing to build him new sails over a few months of competing - he got slower and his competitors got new sails

I thought that was interesting too - BTW, Doyle was the guy on Turner's crew that saved the day by re-cutting their own sails. It was North and Hood that wouldn't sell him sails....I would like to hear more details about how that transpired. I bet there is a lot more to that story than they had time to tell.

Ahh yes, thanks for clearing that up - I was well into my 2nd or 3rd rum by this time -

I would like to learn more about it too -

after an exhastive 44 second search on google - this is all i found

and this

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