Yes, that was cool. They probably also didn't want to do Connor's story for fear of jynxing Oracle?

Anyway, since when are Ashby and Burling (and several others) not bonafide apparent wind champions? And hasn't Ashby won more than a few major catamaran regattas?

I, probably more than most, have consistently been vocal about the stupid decisions made during the past few cycles (no catsailor would ever leebow), and NZL has people racing who have never sailed before, but let's not throw them all in the same bucket.

I agree with Jake. In this light/moderate breeze, NZL is nearly flawless at foiling, and staying foiling. I think that's a combination of design and Ashby's skills. The only thing that impressed me more was Artemis' ability to turn down and accelerate off the starting line.