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So are we going to see bikes on Oracle? Or are they going to stick with the traditional grinding?

What other changes will we see from Oracle's last race?

I don't think you'll see Oracle shift to any pedal stations (well, not any more than the stair stepper thing they installed at the back a few weeks ago). Their guys have trained for upper body and not leg muscle groups - the New Zealand grinders have been quietly riding and training on bicycles for years (I read an article about one who kept having to try and hide the fact from his own family that he was going for long bike rides while on family vacations). The amount of hydraulic pressure does seem to be coming into play on occasion - so it's still an interesting comparison.

I think any changes made will be really hard to see. I also have a feeling that Glen Ashby is working some real magic on that Kiwi boat while tucked away in that cockpit playing on his game controller. I didn't do an in-depth study, but the New Zealand wing sure didn't seem to have that same in/out pace like the other teams as the competition went on. Granted, I'm certainly not qualified to make a judgement here but I've surprised at how much teams generally seemed to move their wing in and out regularly.

Jake Kohl