Not sure i'd agree with that Timbo, but I haven't seen an upwind start with these boats. Maybe they would push each other around more before hitting the line, but in my mind, it would end up being a very slow start to the race with each team trying to luff the other.

At least with the offwind start, they can hook or gap... Or maybe even peel a boat off at the mark?

I'd love to think these multihulls are good for more than one AC cycle, but I doubt the costs would justify.

I like the youth AC series, but only because it's fleet racing with folks that make more mistakes than the pros. Kind of like farm league for baseball.

Nationality rules would be cool, but we'd probably get destroyed unless USA could come up with a funding mechanism to attract the top talent.

And I REALLY want Ashby to spill the beans on all that development...