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Well..that IS Sailing Anarchy. They tend to hate any hint of success that's not their own or that they can't tag along with. The America's Cup was snubbing them for a while (not giving them a press pass) so they've had a negative bend on all things America's Cup for a while. Clean was pretty brutal to Spithill the couple of questions I heard him ask. I would take their reporting with a grain of salt and parse out the facts for myself. Who knows if chucking the LV bag into the crowd was meant to be offensive? American Football players chuck their gear into the crowd at the end of games all the time.

As was the case with San Francisco, there were two distinct camps (and still are) - those who thought the event brought a boon of income to the area (who have some numbers to prove it) and those who thought the event cost the area dealer (who also have some numbers to prove it). Bermuda is not a huge place and it's EXPENSIVE to live there. I ship products there quite often and the shipping costs for a small box are rarely less than $80 and usually around $180. Bermuda did spend money for the event but I honestly think they got even more exposure than San Francisco did. There wasn't a hotel room to be found on the Island leading up to and during the event. They have put a pin on the map for Bermuda Sailing and I would expect that to turn into more events and more stops for races.

Ditto what Jake says about SA.

I know what my economic input into the SF community was due to the 2013 cup, and it wasn't insignificant. My wife wanted to go to Bermuda dearly for the cup finals but we couldn't find a hotel room for less than $1000/night and truth be told, the spectator area they had setup was not very impressive.

She's already giddy about going to New Zealand for the next cup. I'm groaning thinking about the blood clots in my legs on the flight over there.

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