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Added to which, instead of looking for that US talent, they'd probably look for ways to speed up citizenship applications

They can use the H2-B program like the tech guys, or the H2-A program for hotel housekeepers? sick

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.but I'm not convinced that we would necessarily be down and out if we had to draw largely from US talent resources. There would certainly be some long term needs to be addressed

Yes, if the money is there, USA can develop a huge amount of talent. Knowing little of the details, I am under the impression that an aspiring sailor here in the US has to spend more time and effort fundraising than on any other aspect of their development.

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I do hope they don't move too far from this format so we can get another cup cycle within two years. If the go back to the drawing board, it would probably be at least three years before we have another event.

I'd posit if they keep multihulls in some sort of box rule format, then they can continue with the youth AC series which might make sense as it gives sailing in general a track to pursue (Olympics, AC series, etc). Switching platforms too dramatically (say, back to OD monohulls) may cost more time in figuring out the best "track" to put potential sailors on.

If indeed we go back to non-foiling craft, will the marketplace still continue to develop this technology? I liked the concept of that foiling cat with the automatic controls (even the "oh sh$t" button they described in the video). The swiss-army monohulls look quite odd, but once those folks get a taste of foiling, what's stopping them from seeing the benefit of foiling cats...?