I think this also drags in that other discussion about using the rules to your advantage as part of the winning strategy..

Like the pre-start hooking on several races, the hunting (upwind and downwind) on that particular race with NZL and SWE

first impression was that NZL threw that protest up just to see if it would stick. And when it actually did stick, I was taken aback a bit.

I only saw the TV episode, but with closing speeds at that last leeward turning mark approaching 40-50 knots it would be really hard for that tactician (or the on-water umpire) to be able to say that it didn't look like NZL would have to alter course...

It even looked like NZL was hunting right before they executed that horrible gybe, and it almost looked like SWE did drive around it.

But that was (in my opinion) the most exciting of the races so far. I'm off to check the Youtube replay....