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Someone remind me why Oracle is sailing in the challenger series again?
IMHO they have no business being there.

This is total speculation, but... I'm guessing that it also has something to do with the one boat per team rule. If all teams (defender and challenger) are limited to a single boat, how do you test? Back in the monohull days, most of the teams (especially the defender) ran multi-boat programs. Allowing the defender into the challenger round robins would reduce the cost for the defender by not having to build/test/maintain a second platform.

It also makes for better media, one more boat on the water to race.

Good point!

From America’s Cup Hall of Famer, Mike Drummond – the former Team NZ navigator

"What will the defender achieve from racing with the challengers

Fraternizing with the enemy is no longer a sin in the America’s Cup. Controversially including the defender in the challenger fray - for the first time in 166 years - will definitely benefit Oracle.

First and foremost, they will have gleaned plenty of knowledge of the challengers, and learned much about how their own boat races, before they take a vital two weeks off to perfect “17” for the Cup proper.

But they also want the one point that’s up for grabs, which translates into the first win in the America’s Cup match. Should it be a challenger who tops the qualifier series ending on Sunday, they will have to proceed to the Cup match to make the point count.

The next few days are important for Oracle. They will want to deny Team NZ that prized point. “But it’s just as important for them to learn as much as they can, from sailing against strong opposition.”

Oracle are no mugs – and they have sharp memories of the last Cup where they never stopped developing and improving."

Cup Hall of Famer answers the big questions

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