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Lol, I still need to go back and watch it. I'm wouldn't be offended by that wave - Spithill has been talking trash ever since he's been in the America's Cup. That's what trash talking gets you.

Maybe that's my long-term memory starting to fade, but I don't remember anything like that in this cycle.


It hasn't been that bad this time around...there was some slightly snarky stuff from Spithill on Saturday. The last iteration, though, really set off New Zealand and their media is really being tough on him. As is Clean from Sailing Anarchy. Clean asked him if he felt like he was too old and then started asking Burling if he expected Oracle to switch helmsmen. Some New Zealand media asked Jimmy (and I paraphrase loosely) if he was saying that a team sponsored by a computer / data company was having trouble with their computers/data on the start line. Ouch.

Oh, and BTW, it's our very own Laura Muma - Chicago and Florida catsailor (A-cat & F18) who is hosting many of those press conferences!

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