I haven't been watching/listening to Kenny (Read?) much but back when the A cats started foiling, I posted thoughts that if this foiling thing catches on, it's going to render our 'Box Rules' based on hull length, weight, sail area pretty much useless.

Who wins the race is going to come down to who has the best foils and has the skill to keep their boat up on the foils the longest. The richest guys in foiling A cats could have multiple sets of foils, one for each increase in wind strength.

If foiling migrates to the other classes (F18/F16) the same issue will migrate too. Foiling renders our box rules pretty much obsolete, as long as you have the money for the best foils and you know how to use them.

When I look around the regattas however, I see the old school Hobie 16 is still one of the most popular in terms of numbers of boats out on the course at most mixed class regattas, so perhaps the F18/F16 classes won't go down the foiling route, which might scare off more people than it attracts, due to expensive foils..

Or maybe there should just be a single 'Foiling Class' for everything that foils, no matter what type of cat the foils are on, and let evolution do it's thing, to eventually produce the fastest foiling cat, be it an A, F16 or F18.

Blade F16