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There is some good information buried in the "shock and awe" prose of Gladwell
Oracle closer taking Match point with vital Day 6 win

There is some good information, but Gladwell also needs to check his facts before publishing. For example:
"The Kiwis had and average breeze of less than 7kts for their race against Land Rover BAR, and went around the track in 18m 50 secs compared to the 18minutes taken by Oracle Team USA - although both courses were shortened after the start and distances were not the same."

is wrong. The NZL/GBR race was shortened at mark 6, but the USA/JPN race was not. Oracle sailed all 7 legs of the course.

On another note, I was surprised to hear USA hail RC and ask if the race was being shortened -- and even more surprised to hear RC reply. In regular fleet racing, that would constitute outside help and would break rule 41.