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I just Tweeted Todd Harris of NBC (my first Tweet!) and he said "Sadly NO, I'm on #tourdefrance2015 duty. Not sure about coverage maybe a delayed high light show but NO live. Bummer "

Please write to NBC and ask for AC coverage. It may not get done for Portsmouth but maybe they will show Gothenburg in August if enough people gripe about it.

NBC Sports contact page

Sadly a waste of time. Here is where you will get some traction.

Email for Harvey Schiller - Commercial Commissioner:

Remember, everybody plays by the ACEA rules.

"The America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA) is a Bermuda-based company tasked with the organization of the 35th America’s Cup, including all commercial, broadcast and event hosting functions."

Here are some others that might help:


John Cameron - Technical Operations Manager ACTV
Denis Harvey - ACTV Executive Producer
Terri MacFarlane - Production Manager ACTV
Mark Sheffield - AC Liveline Director

Marketing and Communications

Jay Basnight - Digital Marketing
Sara Gottman - Head of PR
Jillian Koravos - Product and Marketing Coordinator
Peter Rusch - PR and Communications Director
Tucker Thompson - TV & Public Host of AC35
Lyn Winford - Graphic Designer
Christina White - Graphic Designer


Julien di Biase - Director of Events
Christian Peer - ACWS Project Manager

Warren Jones - IT Manager

USA #1006