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Can I order the BT Sport app and online player on its own?
No, but it's included for free with BT Sport on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform and with BT Sport on BT TV. The app and online player is also available with our BT Broadband packages for just £5 a month.

Keep reading that page! It says that all IPs outside of the UK will be blocked, even if you have paid for the BT Sport package.
Maybe that's because they want to negotiate a separate contract for each country/continent like they did for China. Our day will come...

I got it working here in the US, but it comes with some headaches. First, you have to have a UK provider that includes Sky Sport or BT Sport in the package before you can stream with an account. I have family in London so I used their acct and password. Then you need to use the addon extention Stealthy and configure it to "GB" (United Kingdom proxy). It did not work using FF but did work using Chrome. Be patient because it takes several minutes for the proxy to establish.

So it's doable, but you will need access to an account.

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