I just couldn't resist the attraction of this "concept" craft. F-85SR

So I've bitten the bullet and started to build the (F-85SR) Farrier 8.5metre Super Racer.

I have found personally that armed with the right attitude building can be nearly as much fun as sailing.
Well not quite but it can be a lot of fun and good quality and highly detailed plans make it so much easier to enjoy the build.
You can't get better plans than the ones Ian Farrier draws up.

A photo album has been created on Catsailor to file away pics of the build for anyone who may be interested.
I hope to keep adding pics as I go along.

So far the float frames have been cut out and the float bulkheads have been made.

I hope to get the strong back down next week so I can start on the floats.

Fun times ahead.

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