I'm currently working at fitting the CMMs (Central Mounting Modules).
Its hard to bring one self to cut big holes in a hull that I've put so much work into but it has to be done.
The CMMS are what the folding mechanism bolts too and the beam fold down onto. So they are quite an important part of the boat.

In order to get the fwd CMM level I made up two simple timber frames and used threaded rod so I could make fine adjustments
to the heights of each of the 4 corners.
Prior to this I set the boat up level. The gunwales were made level with water levels and once the boat was level at the gunwale a plumb bob confirmed the bow was perfectly aligned vertically and when the plumb bob was set from the cabin centreline it went do to the keel C/L. I was pretty happy about this as it indicates the boat couldn't have much twist.

The following pics show some of the setup.
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

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