I've finished laminating the inside of the stbd hull side.
I have worked out that if I can remove the strong back and set the frames directly on the concrete floor I will have just enough room
to get the port side back into the work area and set it on top of the stbd side ready for joining.
The concrete floor is very flat and very level but I will check the level of the frames prior to joining.
Once the port side is sitting on top, in that position I will be able to lift it high enough to create a 300mm gap
with the winch setup mentioned earlier.
Hopefully the capacity to lift the side up and down will help me align the second half of the Bulkheads that are yet to be fitted to the stbd side.
This should be a very interesting phase of the build.
BTW:- I'm still enjoying the work as much or even more than when I first started.

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