As you well know, not knowing how the boat would sail, I had to try to make it look good in the car park.
The pullpit would have looked better if I could have made it only 450mm high instead of 600mm.
Had my boat been under 8.5m I could have. It's just the way it is in the Safety regs.

Thanks for the lend of the bender but following some experiments I was concerned how your bender would react to the heat I had to apply to get a really even bend without any kinks.
When Mark offered to borrow a 5 ton hydraulic bender from his neighbor with all heavy metal dies I took him up on it.
Thanks for the lend I'll get yours back to you ASAP.

During the Lock Crowther Regatta we ran lines out to the floats just to catch the furled head sails when they were brought down. Hopefully this pullpit will catch them and I will be able to get rid of those extra lines.
BTW:- I was amazed at how much carrying a furled headsail hoisted affects boat speed.
On one leg we kept the screecher up after furling for a short time in case we needed it. When we brought it down you could feel the boat jump ahead.
That convinced me that you can't sail with them up and furled when racing . Just too much drag.

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