I got to thinking that painting the cabin roof and sides would be easier with the hull upside down.
I also figured installing the mast compression post and all the carbon would be easier as well as the D/B control.
So here are a couple pics.
[Linked Image]

The mast compression work can be seen as well as the start of the up/down lines for the D/B.That is some plastic tubing with a line inside.
The line is in plastic to make sure I don't accidentally glue the line in when the cover is glued on.
I will use it to pull the up/down lines through later.

[Linked Image]

I made the cover big in the hope that I can get my hand in to re thread the lines from an inspection hatch in the deck.
I preferred this to an inspection port inside the cabin, although one can still be fitted if my plan does not work.

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