I finally tried out my float rudders. Just with main and jib.
While the steering on Mad Hatter has always been good It just feels a little more precise with rudders on the floats.

The lock down and pull/ kick up system that can be operated from the steering position in the cockpit works great too.

It has always tacked well but I think that has improved as well.

I went out for a few hours yesterday and started off testing the ackerman by letting them run free and steer with central rudder under motor.

I had two overlapping cross arms so I could see variations in the overlap when turning hard. I only have 100mm ackerman , per side, built in , in theory it should be more, but the testing did indicated that was enough.

After testing I just taped the cross arms over lap in the position they seemed to want to sit when running free. They will each ride on the same track with a car each as the pull up kick down lines will run internally in the cross arms and come out to cleats that will be on the link between the cars.

The cleats will allow me to hold the rudders up out of the water while on the mooring or lock the rudders partly down while coming into a beach..

The track will be mounted just behind the traveler bringing the helming pos fwd of the traveler. A bit like a beach cat.

The centre rudder will not be used and was not used yesterday after we finished testing and started sailing.

Just a trial to test out the geometry, I will now finish them off with the track and cars .

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