When I started this project my objective was to build a strong stiff boat because I mainly want to do coastal sailing as opposed to closed waters. I chose to build in the heavy glass option for strength knowing that it would end up being heavier than if I used the same methods in the lighter glass option or even carbon.
I knew that the day would come that I would have to come to terms with the consequences of that decision and get the boat weighed. Well that has happened. I bit the bullet a couple of days back and weighed the "Mad Hatter". It has come in at 920kg. I just missed my target of 900kg. Still if you compare this weight with similar boats it is a pretty good weight.

Anyway we took the Hatter out during the week and I checked how fast it would go under motor. At 3/4 throttle (being a new motor I didn't want to go above that until run in) it sits on 8.5knots in flat calm conditions. Just above idle its 4.7knots.

Below is a pic of The Mad Hatter patiently waiting on the Gosford waterfront while her crew had a coffee before the day's sail. The sea breese started at 5 knots and slowly built to 10.The warm sunny day gave a further glimpse of what is in store with summer just around the corner. It all made for a most enjoyable day with the boat feeling light and lively. The Hatter sat on 13 to 14knots once the breese filled in and hit a top speed of 16 knots for the day with just main and jib. I can't wait to get the screecher rigged and really wind it up.

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I thought I'd add the pic below just because I like it.
A top sunset to finish off a great afternoon's sail .
The Mad Hatter and friend's cruising cat sitting on moorings as the sun falls below the hills.

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