It has been around 6 weeks since my last update.

In the interim I have managed to get a few things done.

I've made the carbon beam for the traveler.
I've installed it just behind the CMM.

[Linked Image]

Quite a bit of thought went into its positioning as a part of how the carbon mast and boom are going to work.
I finally decided against roller furling. (BTW:-I hope to take delivery of the carbon mast in a couple of weeks.)

I had already purchased the traveler when a local chandlery was going bust.
The only problem being I couldn't source M6 bolts long enough to attach it to the carbon beam.
Instead I bought the longest M6 countersunk bolts that I could source and some M10 hex head bolts.
I put the M10 in the lathe , cut the treads off and bored a hole right through them and tapped an
M6 thread. I get around 20mm of thread engagement which is more than enough.

[Linked Image]

I've made the seat side panels and like the carbon traveller beam and most other things all under a vacuum.

I kept the cut outs in the side panels and made doors. I was quite surprised at how heavy
the stainless hinges are for 6 doors. I think I'll replace the stainless hinges for white plastic ones that I have
managed to source locally. If I decide I don't like the doors I will just take them off.
[Linked Image]

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