Thanks Phil and Nico
Great to find some builders of the F85SR Online.
I have sent off for a set of plans. My list of things before I decide is getting shorter. (Short enough to buy the plans)

Cant wait to see how the hydrofoils angle of attack is set. The ways I could think of doing this would not be easy..

Thanks for the Corecell M comment, I will do some more reading on the subject as I know little about foam core.
Did other people have delamination issues? Weight issues?

I have done smaller things with honeycomb composites with carbon fibre and got thousands of pinholes that had to be sealed. Only other foam core work I have done was all specified by someone else using vacuum bag and high pressure hot water on the outside.. Far too much work to do for fun!
I know you are vac bagging, did you do a time/cost benefit of hand layup?
Initial thoughts are to do lots of the small parts first rather than the floats due to limited space. What do you think?
I have a homebuilt CNC machine, MechMate, that I need to sort Y axis alignment on (it is about a mm in a m out of square on X versus Y before I can consider cutting forms and parts (Or would you consider this accuracy adequate?

I am expecting this to be a five year build.