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looks great phill!

Thanks for the compliment.

Its great how when building your own boat you can get enjoyment from the smallest of achievements.

I made a glass tube yesterday which I needed for a part of a fitting that I'm making.
I wanted a tube with an internal dia of 35mm and around a 4mm wall thickness. I only need two sections of around 75mm so I made one 220mm section that I will cut up.
I used some 33mm al tube as a male mandrel, coated it in candle wax and then black plastic to keep the candlewax away from the end product. I wound 1250mm of 400gm BD cloth (220mm wide) onto the mandrel and spun it with a power drill while gripping it to compress the laminate. Then I wound 60mm strips of peel ply to form two layers which helped to further compress the layup and then two layer of PVC tape.
When cured I used my heat gun to warm it all up. The wax melted and the mandrel is released. Before I had a heat gun I would just pour boiling water down the tube.
Now the good bit is the final product contained 60/40 glass/resin ratio with a 4.5mm wall.
I've made lots of tubes this way before but never bothered to weigh and measure the components to work out the glass/resin ratio.
Half the fun in a project like this is taking pleasure from small achievements.

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