I got up at 5am this morning to laminated the side panel in the stbd side of the main hull while it was still relatively cool.
I wanted make sure that I made the vacuum window while using fast hardener as running low on the slow hardener.
The data sheet show the viscosity of the resin with fast hardener to be much higher than slow and I found that and even with a lot of squeegey work the 922gms of glass plus the peel ply took 1600gms of resin. Hopefully vacuum will pull the excess resin out. I'll weigh the absorption fabric when it comes off to see how well it does this.
The vacuum pump is set to turn off when it reaches 25 "/hg and back on when it hits 22"/hg.

I managed a particularly good seal for the vacuum on this job demonstrated by the duty cycle- running around 20 secs every 43 minutes. By far the best so far. Not that it matters, the control circuitry ensures the vacuum is maintained it's just the amount the pump runs which affects the electricity consumption.
The resin would be hard by now but I will probably wait until tomorrow to unwrap and start installing the battens to take the deck foam.

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