I'm still working away. All 4 beams are ready for painting.
I've built nearly all aspects of the beams under a good vacuum of between 25 and 27 inches or mercury.

Building the beams is a very long process and doing it under vacuum has made the job much much longer than I expected.

This has also probably made more work in one beam than both floats. I'm happy that I've done it this way but would not recommend it just because of the amount of work involved.

Also I got side tracked organising and helping a group of 6 friends build some kayaks.

My next step is to paint the beams and floats including top coat prior to building the main hull. I figure that it will be easier to touch up the area where the beams and floats join than do the full paint job once they are joined. Just because they will be more difficult to move around once joined.


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