Something I first tried years back and is proving to be very useful on this build is using a scraper
in some circumstances that would otherwise involve sanding.
One example would be if you accidentally get a run of resin over a surface of paint, timber or even foam. Sanding that run away will not only take quite a bit of effort but it also damages the surface around the run.

On the other hand a scraper with a nice sharp tungsten blade and light pressure will remove the run with
little or no damage to the surrounding area (depending on how careful you are.)

I had some runs on the foam which I easily removed with the scraper without marking the foam and I also
used the scraper to taper the edge of the glass in preparation for the overlap when the other side is
glassed. It can be an amazingly handy tool and can save quite a bit of elbow grease.

Below is a pic of the scraper that I'm using.

[Linked Image]

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