Reliable info on resin absorption by the foam at the beginning of the project would have been handy and of considerable interest
given I have weighed everything going in and coming out.
As I bought the foam and resin from Gurit I phoned them up before I started the project and one of the questions I asked
was how much resin I should allow for absorption into the foam. The answer provided was 250gm per sq metre.
They qualified this figure with saying that is what they advise people doing resin infusion and could give me no other info on the subject.
I proved on the first laminating session that 250gm was way over the top when hand laminating with vacuum.
I think it was closer to 50gms per sq metre. (detailed this in one of my early posts.)

It also surprises me that so far Gurit are the only ones to my knowledge that provide data sheets that specify a vacuum window
given the hardener and ambient temperature. This has been just so handy to ensure I can run a high vacuum without pulling too much resin out of the laminate.
I'm nearing the end of the laminating now, only got the settee backs and a few small things to go.

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