My grand plan is to work from the bow back doing the little projects required to finish the main hull. to this end I really need to work out what I'm doing about the spinnaker pole and the socket it fits into.
The spec for the pole is a min dia of 90mm. This is a bit of a problem given the way that I wanted to make the pole. It is even more of a problem for the socket the pole has to fit into. To solve the socket problem I thought I'd have a go at making a collapsible mandrel and make the socket around it.

The only tube that was around 90mm was storm water at 88.9mm.
I decided I could use this to make a collapsible mandrel for the socket and also the mould for the actual pole itself (talk about pole mould later)

The mandrel was made by turning up some 20mm thick ply wood to fit neatly inside the stormwater pipe. 4 discs of ply were made. A section 600mm long of pipe was split lengthways with my multitool. This was so I could pass one side of the split inside the other to help the mandrel collapse. The ply discs were to stop this from happening until they get removed at the end.
Another section of pipe was split so it could be fitted over the first split section. This created a gap of around 13mm between each side of the split. A section of pipe was cut to fill the gap but there was still a gap the same as the width of the cutting blade in my multi tool. This small gap was filled by lighting a candel and letting the melting wax do the job. The excess was cut away with a box cutter. Se pic.

Some threaded rod was used an an axle through the ply discs
to help rotate the mandrel. A nut was welded on the rod and a plate to screw to one of the ply discs to help while the carbon was wound on , (ratchet spanner) and later to spin to help consolidate the layup (with cordless drill).

Some pics follow that may help.

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[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

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