I have just finished the internal laminate of all 4 beams.
My broken collar bone really slowed me down for around 3 months but that is finally coming good so it is all ahead full again.

On the last beam ,which was a front beam, I took some notes.
I noted the quantity of resin in each mix, the time of the mix and the temp in the workshop at the time of the mix.

The reason I noted down the temp & time was because the day was supposed to get quite hot but at the time I started it was quite cool. I just wanted to make sure that I stayed inside the vacuum window prescribed for the resin I was using.

I found that the combined weight of glass and uni carbon was 1.17kg. All up I mixed 1.45kg of resin. 80gms of this was used to mix up a bog for fillets along the beam side/bottom join, leaving 1.37kg of resin to wet out the 1.17kg of laminate.
Following wetting out the laminate I pulled a good vacuum of 25 inches. Upon cure I weighed the peel ply and absorption fabric as it was removed to work out how much resin came out in the fabrics. I found that around 200 gms of resin came out leaving 1.17kg of resin in the laminate.
I was very happy with these results.

I must say it is a relief to get this work done, it is fiddly working inside the beams because of the flanges.
Since then most of the internal beam B/Hs have been fitted so after a bit of work to install the UFS recess and some reinforcing around the inner beam end I will be able to start laminating the outside of the beams which should be much easier work.

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