I started planking the float hull with foam today. Started late this arvo because it was a great day for bike riding , 1 metre planked and 7 to go. .
I went down to the local supermarket and bought 3 x 5kg bags of rice. I'm using the rice as weights instead of point loading the foam with clamps.
The foam goes into the oven, comes out and goes onto the mould and the bags of rice go on top to hold the foam into shape while the screws are screwed in from the back.
It cost me $37 for the 15kg of rice but it seems to work rather well and we can eat the rice when done so it really didn't cost anything.

I'm rebating the foam with a rebate 10mm wide in each sheet and 5mm deep. Cutting the rebate is taking a bit of extra time but this helps to ensure the level of the adjacent sheets is the same and will hopefully help reduce the fairing.

I'm assembling dry and leaving a 5 to 7mm slot and will force bog into the gap to form the seal that will be needed when I'm applying a vacuum for the glassing.
I will probably take some more pics tomorrow.

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